Prolong Battery Life - How to Save Battery Life on Different Devices?

Batteries are power sources that are creating electricity using power of the chemical process whose result is a stream of negatively charged ions that are collected and brought outside of the battery casing so that this stream of electricity can power the device the battery is connected to. There are two basic types of batteries currently in use by modern portable or stationary devices – Primary Batteries who are built to be used as “single use” batteries that can’t be recharged, and Secondary Batteries who can be recharged when opposite flow of electricity is applied to them.

Here are some of the most useful tips for improving battery life in your home devices:

  • Modern batteries are made to work best at normal room temperatures. Placing them in hot environment will quicken the chemical processes inside of them, forcing them to more quickly expend the electrochemical potential of the electrolyte mix.
  • Freshly purchased batteries of many types will work best if they are first put though several full cycles of discharge and charge. This will prime them to use full potential of their electrolyte mix.
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  • Never store batteries in hot and humid environment for prolonged periods of time. Humidity can endanger the consistency of the outer shell of the battery, causing internal material of the battery to leak out.
  • Batteries will provide power for each power-hungry service your device wants to use. If you want to prolong battery life, check that your device is not using power for unneeded services.
  • Many modern battery-powered devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets have integrated sensors and services that can provide you with in-depth tracking data of the health of your battery. Monitor those services from time to time.
  • For best longevity and performance , always use the original charger for your device. Aftermarket devices can send wrong current to the battery, making it unstable and less reliable.
  • Smartphones have a nasty tendency to spend a lot of power when phone is not able to contact service towers.
  • The most power-hungry component on your modern portable computing devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops is their screen. Reduce brightness, set automatic brightness changing schedule or use sensor for auto-brightness adjusting to reduce power drain of your screen.
  • Most popular rechargeable batteries are made from Lithium technology. They are very susceptible to high and low temperatures that can cause rapid losses of power.
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