How to Extend Laptop Battery Life? - Longer Laptop Battery Life

Laptops are portable devices that are almost completely reliant on their batteries to keep them operational. However, no matter if your battery is big or small, few mistakes on your part can cause very quick power drain and if you are really careless you can even cause permanent damage to your laptop battery. Here are some of the most useful tips how you can increase the life of your laptop battery:

  • Always use the original laptop battery chargers, because only they will not cause any problems with your battery.
  • Keep your software up to date. OS manufacturer and app developers always strive to make their software more optimized for low power use.
  • Keep your laptop or reserve batteries you have from extreme temperatures (below 0 and above 35 degrees Celsius). Such temperatures can cause rapid charge loss or even permanent damage of your battery.
  • Optimize your energy saving settings in your OS. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X have extensive offering of settings that will limit the power drain potential of your laptop hardware and software.
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  • Best way to prolong battery life of your laptop is to reduce screen brightness and screen shutdown time.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless modules when they are not in use.
  • Monitor which of your apps are most demanding on your battery life and reduce their use.
  • Less multitasking will give you more battery life.
  • Laptop accessories such as USB devices drain battery life. Use them only when you need them.
  • Don’t charge other devices via USB cable if your laptop is not plugged in to the wall.
  • Hibernate uses less battery power than “Standby”.
  • Spinning hard drive uses a lot of power. You can reduce its usage if you regularly defragment them.
  • Switch to SSD to reduce power drain of your laptop battery.
  • CD and DVD drives are very power hungry.
  • You can reduce power drain of the GPU if you reduce resolution of your display.
  • Don’t use white or very bright background if you have OLED screen on your laptop.
  • Turn the sound down to preserve power.
  • Clean battery connectors once pear year.
  • Recharge battery at least once per month.
  • Add more RAM so that your hard drive is used less.
  • Disable unneeded devices.
  • Switch to internal GPU if your laptop also has a dedicated one.
  • Reduce the number of startup programs so that your OS and CPU are not burdened with them.
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