Facts about Phone Battery - Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Modern smartphones have managed to completely change the way we are communicating one with another, accessing internet, maintaining connection with wide array of wireless accessories, and enable countless people to express their creativity in millions of ways. However, all those phones are powered by Lithium-ion based batteries that need to be nurtured and controlled in specific ways so that they can deliver consistent and long battery life before recharging.

Here are some of the best facts about battery usage on smartphones:

  • Modern smartphones are using Lithium-ion batteries who are calibrated to work best in room temperature environment. Excessive heat or very low temperatures can cause either dramatic battery charge drop or permanent battery faults.
  • Many modern smartphones have non-replaceable battery. This make battery management on them much more needed task.
  • Most power hungry components of smartphones are central processor and display.
  • Best way to lessen the power impact of screen is to reduce brightness, use auto-brightness setting, reduce dim time for backlit use and reduce number of notifications that will fully wake up the display.
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  • If your carrier signal is low, internal modems will struggle more to achieve good connection. This can impact battery life dramatically.
  • Setup WiFi calling if you can, that will reduce battery drain in some situations.
  • Mac computers have functionally of making cell calls if your phone is authenticated for such use. This feature is convenient, but it will drain more battery life from your iPhone.
  • Background applications on modern phones can often have their own schedules for contacting internet. This can cause significant battery drain. Combat this by either turning off such services, or switch them to manual mode and refresh them only when you want.
  • The more apps, widgets and OS services are active on the phone, the more battery life will be impacted.
  • Auto update of files and push notifications can cause your phone to wake up a lot.
  • Services and apps that require use of GPS and location services drain battery a lot. Disable them if you want to prolong life of your phone.
  • Modern phones have integrated ability to automatically upload your photos and videos to cloud. Switch those services to manual mode to preserve more power.
  • Animated phone backgrounds and widgets are using more of processing power, which drains battery life whenever you are actively using phone.
  • Out-out from sending diagnostic data to the OS manufacturer.
  • Switch Wi-Fi module in mode that will shut itself down automatically whenever your phone is not in use.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G or LTE modules whenever you know you won’t be needing them.
  • If you are traveling and there is no call service where you are, turn Airplane Mode to preserve a lot of battery power.
  • Reduce timing for dimming and shutting down the screen when you are not using phone.
  • Many android widgets can help you better control screen brightness and battery saving options.
  • Uninstall apps that you are not using.
  • Buy external accessories that can help you recharge battery easier (external battery packs, wireless charging stations).
  • Better battery life can be achieved by tweaking your smartphone processor so that it works on lower frequency rate.
  • Colder temperatures (lower than a pleasant room temperature) will prolong battery life of smartphones.
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